Get True Peace of Mind

First Responders can access your profile in 5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life.

Personal Information

Store all essential personal information first responders need.

Vital Conditions

Store all your conditions in one place, for quick and easy access.


Let first responders know exactly what you need, the dosage, and frequency.

Emergency Contacts

Store upto two emergency contacts.


Display your allergies for efficient diagnosis.

Customer Support

We are here to help you with any aspect of your product or account.

Medication Reminders

Receive pill reminders to make sure you stay on top of your health.

SMS Alerts

Get a text whenever your medical ID is scanned. The text also includes a GPS location of where your medical ID was scanned.

Doccument Storage

Upload and store important documents such as insurance information, living wills, x-rays, and any other medical record.